Berry nice tasting

I have always been very fond of nature and all that it does to provide for us. It is amazing to me that there are so many edible plants that are just right outside your door.

I personally enjoy berry picking and foraging, then making jams/jelly with the fruits of my labor.

One of my all time favorites is rose hip jelly. Packed full of vitamin C, rose hips are a wonderful to keep those snotty booger noses at bay.


1 cup of dried rose hips contain around 500 mg of vitamin C.

If you like trying new things or you just love the taste of rose-hips ( they have a similar taste to hibiscus). You can check out my favorite recipe with the link I provided below. Also the blog is super cute.

Finished product!

Foraging barefoot is a way for me to meditate and reconnect with nature and cleanse my soul. Having worked hard for something that nourishes my family and I is one of the best feelings one could have.


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